No way but forwards

by Carving Colours

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A concept album that explores the validity (or even the necessity) of violence and conflict as ways to change our reality when it becomes unbearable and oppressive.

Possible causes, consequences and responsibilities are depicted in this 45 minute work that tries to capture the zeitgeist of our time.


released October 29, 2013

Composition and arrangements by Carving Colours and J. A. Barranco. Lyrics by Carving Colours.

Recorded by Leo Peña and FJ Kubero at Digital Groove Studios in 2012-2013.

Edited, mixed and mastered by Leo Peña in June 2013.

Artwork design by Ideophony.

℗ & © 2013 Carving Colours and J. A. Barranco.
All copyrights in this sound recording are owned by Carving Colours and J. A. Barranco.
All rights reserved.


all rights reserved



Carving Colours Seville, Spain

Carving Colours is an independent progressive metal act hailing from Seville (Spain). We aspire to create concept albums that fully explore the emotional spectrum, as well as the wide variety of musical influences that we bring into songwriting.

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Track Name: Isolated incidents
A sound in the wind,
a soft and distant roar, the onset of a storm
a soul is spilled somewhere far away.
A neighbour yesterday, it could be you tomorrow
torment has a limit, unlike human greed.

A cry against this rotten world
tear upon tear, forming a sea
Destructive wave purifying the evil choking us
Isolated ... first step
Together ... the only way
Path of pain, overthrow the power
Way of salvation, start over

(One) drop is weak on its own (blood absorbed by the earth)
but might overflow a cup (blood flowing from the earth)
A shortening wick (igniting the hearts of men)
undying flame...

The Future was a delusion of men
present and past feed the time
... overthrow the power, way of salvation, start over

(One) drop is weak on its own (blood absorbed by the earth)
but might overflow a cup (blood flowing from the earth)
A shortening wick (igniting the hearts of men)
undying flame... (spurring the instincts of men)
Track Name: Martyr
Deep in your head
there’s a voice calling you
wake up!, death is knocking...
eyes wide open
don’t be afraid

Break, all these chains
the damned box is sedating you
a tool to enslave society
open your eyes, face the truth

This is breaking news: A man self-immolated at the gates of the Parliament. It happened this morning, around half past nine. The victim was forty-two and he's survived by his thirteen years old daughter. He had recently been evicted from his home.
The police believe this incident was not a terrorist attack, but rather an act of protest. The paramedics were unable to save his life. Before setting himself on fire, the man left an envelope on the pavement, suspected to enclose his suicide letter..
As the investigation goes on, it seems this attack could be linked to the recent disturbances; they might be more than just isolated incidents. However, this man made no attempt to harm any others. Witnesses report that his last words were "no dignity, no life".

Now I have nothing,
just a shadow of my old self …
hundreds of calls, one last shout:
no dignity, no life...

When all hope is dead,
and there's no faith,
Martyrs’ sacrifice
fuel for the uprising

Bloodstained key for a chance,
no sorrow nor pain,
one-way road to the end,
fall back and head down
or rise and stand tall again

Fighting for air,
global consciousness
don’t let the bloodshed be in vain
Routine is our opium
Apathy leads to pain

When all flesh is burnt
and a clamor arises
Martyrs’ sacrifice
fuel for the uprising

Vanquished lion, casting a dull roar
when all explodes, eternal echoes soar

Now! Self immolation
bright as a star, marking the goal
Track Name: The envelope
Track Name: It had to be done
There was a reason, for all my acts
they were dismissed as madness
there was a root for all these actions
and this was the key

Dispossessed of everything
without dignity nor means
what else could I do?

When I looked into your eyes, all sorrows dispersed
One by one good men, were steadily falling

Everything was collapsing,
pressure building up and up
the whole world and society crumbled down
I failed at seeking support...
gloomy days, all doors closed.
And then the darkness and winter came
and your mother gone...
Away from you, from her, cause her eyes are yours
I fought for your future

Every minute...
the final punishment
I'm fighting against waves, condemned to lose
no one cares but you.

A flame guttered without salvation, even if it shone brightly before dying.
A father, a victim, monster or lion, agony in his eyes.

I'll burn!
(it’s my decision)
I'll lose everything!
(maybe I couldn't protect you)
No way!
(two hours to say goodbye)
I'm an empty shell

Crawling in misery, naked and battered
Broken by all their games, lords of paper and gold
No witnesses, no alibi, shattered lives
Visions of sorrow, (I'm sorry), visions of cold

When you read this
I don't expect you to understand
Alone, in this room, getting ready for my fate
Only dry tears remain...
(ready to lose, ready to shine)
(What had to be done...
had to be done...
to be done...
My fall, your rise...
Track Name: Beheading the Hydra
A new dawn, sunlight in crimson red
blood in the air, breathing sorrow and misery

Our number is our power
All together
Countless faces,
one shared heartbeat,
tearing down the walls we once built.

Like the old Lernaean Monster
Facing false heroes
Slain carcass, one more arises
a few heads fall, hundreds rise

Dusty lights surrounding death
screams and heartrending yells
life after life, nobody is safe
Tonight the Grim Reaper feasts

Rage taking over your mind
it's time, time to start a war.
Oppression and fear in our hearts...
a sign, sign to change the world.

Dreams are gone with the quiet night
nightmares awaiting first lights
no matter how frightening your fears may seem
they’re overshadowed by reality

No time for words, it's time for war!

All will be lost in this wicked game
It’ll be the era of a new beginning
hope must not die

Don’t let blood and fire obscure the target,
endless violence is self-destruction.
Track Name: No way but forwards
-- I. Awake to the aftermath --

Eden fell and the truth was revealed.
All the stars we wished upon turned into ashes.

Why is everything destroyed?
Why are so many friends gone?
Why is everything soiled with smoke?
Why are there puddles of tears at my feet?

Relax, it's over...
These ruins will be our playground.

My father is gone,
my mother died when I was born
Calm down, I'll stay with you.
You won't suffer the same.
Take my hand, the storm has abated.

We are tired
we are blinded (by pain)
lost generation
waiting for some light

Oppression and fear in our hearts,
it's time, time to change the world.

-- II. A debate upon the remains --

Hundreds of souls are just a memory
Thousand of bright lights vanished
Don't lose their gift, remember their legacy.
Upon these remains we debate
Has it been the right way?

New life growing from these ashes?
The old temple demolished

Corrupt columns and pillars exposed
Why would we need a new one?

Can we do something better?
Each cry in the dark will become a song of hope

It will be hard (always has been)
It will be long and arduous

-- III. Don't forget what brought us here --

A parade of pain we had
Evil deeds they’ve done
Their empire drained our lives
Leeches biting our skin

There's no regret
Burn the past
Take the time

When all hope is dead, and there's no way
Martyrs' sacrifice, will be remembered.

-- IV. Dawn of a new day --

All the broken dreams we’ve left behind
A cool breeze inspiring virtuous notions
Moon, cross or star, only idols
Will is the tool to start again

New horizon revealed, full of doubts
but it was the chosen way
A man shouting out loud:
Dawn of a new day

There are always trace elements of blood in each new structure

The onset of a storm,
a soul that is spilled
somewhere far away...

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